Midland Rifle League

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Please take careful note of the last dates for shooting. Shooting is to be carried out under NSRA rules, unless specifically excepted below. This means all cards can be shot from the date of receipt and a generous period has been given for the Christmas/New Year break. Please post cards off to the scorer as soon as they are shot. If you have a genuine problem, beyond your control, then inform the scorer and request an extension prior to the last day for shooting. Some clubs have caused problems in the recent past, doing so in future may well incur the wrath of the scorer.

Shot cards must be with the scorer no later than the Saturday following the Monday shooting date, or have clear evidence of being posted by the Tuesday. Cards do go astray in the post, but if you have a Certificate of Posting (available from the post office), showing the cards were posted by the Tuesday following the last day for shooting then duplicate stickers will be issued and the round can be re-shot. No certificate no re-shoot.

Reserves can be used, in accordance with NSRA rules, and the average of the reserve must be declared. If that average is higher than the shooter replaced a penalty deduction will be applied to the score.

Remember for Juniors to be eligible for the shoot-off at the end of the season they must shoot all rounds.

The scorer will return results to you if you enclose a Stamped Addressed Envelope with the cards.  Many now also can supply results by email, please ask if you would like them that way.

Should any card be damaged prior to shooting a replacement card should be firmly attached (NSRA rule 7.4.5) and the two cards shot and returned together to the scorer, along with a brief note of explanation. I have always found that if you tell the scorer what has happened and why you have taken a given course of action it helps the scorer make a fair decision. That goes for any problem you have, especially cross-shots or other extra shots. Despite belief to the contrary by some, scorers are generally not psychic and cannot mind read at a distance, neither are they vindictive, but they are willing to give the benefit of the doubt in all reasonable cases.

Last update 29 March 2024
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