Midland Rifle League

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The League will be run in accordance with NSRA Postal League rules (see the NSRA handbook) unless otherwise stated.

Stickers must be placed on the front of each card before shooting.

Cards must be shot by the due date and returned to the scorer to arrive not later than the Saturday following them due date.  Late cards will only be accepted is shown, by a 'Proof of Posting', or legible post mark,  to have been posted in time.  For the final round no cards will be accepted after the second Saturday following the last day for shooting.

Gauging or otherwise interfering with shot holes is not permitted under any circumstances.

Points will be awarded each round as follows:

  • 2 points for a win

  • 1 point for a draw

  • 0 points for a loss

In the event of a tie after the final round of a division the team with both the most points and the highest average will win the league. In the event that both are tied the result will be determined by count-back round by round on the team scores until the tie is resolved.

Ties for individual average winners will also be resolved by count-back.

Each divisional winning team will receive 4 medals
The top 2 individual averages in each division will receive medals
The top average Lady will receive a medal

All division winning teams will compete for the Pethard Trophy in a handicap shoot.
All Individual division winners will also compete for the Jefferson Trophy in a handicap shoot.
All Juniors who complete all rounds will compete for a cash prize in a handicap shoot.

Last update 29 March 2024
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